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Ruddle on Retreatment 4 DVDs

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Ruddle on Retreatment 4 DVDs  
a. By:
Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS, FACD, FICD, Assistant Professor of Graduate Endodontics, Loma Linda University and UO California, Los Angeles, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Endodontics, UO Pacific, School of Dentistry
Product Description
b. Product Description
This 4-part DVD series powerfully demonstrates nonsurgical retreatment techniques you can utilize to resolve frequently encountered endodontic problems.
c. Detail in dvd:
DVD1: Nonsurgical Retreatment: Disassembly & Missed Canals, Quality & Profitability
- The rationale for nonsurgical endodontic retreatment
- Instruments and techniques for the removal of restorative dentistry
- Learn how to identify and treat frequently missed canals
- Patient communication, teamwork, scheduling and fees
DVD2: Nonsurgical Removal of: Gutta Percha, Silver Points, Carriers & Paste Fillers
- Experience the use of CDR, ultrasonics, microscopes, and rotary instruments
- Implement the best techniques for safe and efficient removal of obturation materials
- Integrate the latest “tips” to make removal procedures easy
- Discover the 5 steps to mastery
DVD3: Nonsurgical Removal of: Posts & Broken Instruments
- Quickly and safely remove the commonly placed core materials
- Successfully eliminate various post types with ease
- Effectively retrieve instruments separated deep within the root canal space
- Powerfully view ultrasonics and the post & instrument removal systems in action
DVD4: Management of: Blocks, Ledges, Transportations & Perforations
- Move beyond the “block” and negotiate the terminus
- Bypass and treat ledged canals
- Recognize, avoid and manage transportations
- Successfully repair perforations utilizing the latest instruments, techniques and materials
d. Product Details:
Publisher: Santa Barbara, Calif. : Advanced Endodontics, ©2009.
Total Length: 4:48:48
Language: English
Frame rate: 29 frames/ second
Dimension: 544 x 416
Total bitrate: 1317 kbps
File size: 2.71 Gb
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