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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist


      Here are some of the most common dental emergencies requiring immediate treatment:

      A Broken Tooth Due to Large or Repeated Fillings:

      Sometimes a tooth will break as the result of large or repeated fillings. The reason for this is that replacing large and successive fillings requires removing portions of a tooth to such a degree that the tooth may break or a filling may fall out.

      Acute Pulpitis Resulting in a Severe Toothache:

      Acute pulpitis is an inflammation of the pulp within a tooth, a condition brought on by tooth decay or trauma. Immediate dental care is necessary to alleviate pain if there is a change in air temperature.

      Tooth Abscess:

      In this case, infection of the root of a tooth can cause intermittent pain. Often, the tooth has a history of on again/off again pain. In addition to pain, symptoms include swelling of the gum line, swelling of the patient’s face, and in some cases, a loose tooth. Medication may temporarily reduce the pain; however, dental treatment will be necessary.

      Gum Abscess:

      With this type of abscess, food caught between the tooth and the gum can cause the gums to become infected. As a result, symptoms include swollen gums and bleeding.