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Endodontic Case Report - Tooth Retreatment

This 37 year old female patient presented with discomfort associated with her lower incisors and concerned about the aesthetics of these teeth. She suffered from trauma to these teeth in her late teens and had them root treated on two occasions. The symptoms never really resolved and then surgery on these teeth was performed in her early thirties.

Again the problems never really resolved. Radiographic findings showed periradicular rarefaction associated with the 21|1. These teeth are root treated and had a retrograde filling placed surgically. The root end was not completely resected and the |1 had a silver point in-situ as an obturation material.

Diagnosis: Chronic Periradicular Periodontitis 21|1 Discolouration 21|1
Treatment Plan: Orthograde Retreatment of 21|1 Non Vital Bleaching of 21|1
Treatment Details:
  • Silver point removed
  • Lingual canals found in all teeth (see fig a and b)
  • Unresected root end was cleaned and filled
  • Canals negotiated with hand files, prepared with Profiles and filled with GP and pulp canal sealer using and continuous Wave technique
  • Non vital bleaching carried out with Carbamide Peroxide
Should the old retrograde amalgam fillings be removed as part of the plan?